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We Adapt 2: Reclamation Herbal Ghee (Vanilla)

We Adapt 2: Reclamation Herbal Ghee (Vanilla)

We adapt:

Ghee is clarified butter. Our ghee is infused with an adaptogenic herbal blend that supports the body’s natural healing functions to bring balance and improve the management of stress.


We believe food is medicine and we love to experiment and try new ways to incorporate herbs into our food and daily lives. We work with a local black owned dairy farmer and make our ghee from raw milk in-house.


Ingredients: Organic Honey, Reishi, Ashwagandha , Shatavari, Holy Basil, Cocoa, Rose, Cinnamon,Tumeric, Pepper,


We currently are offering 4 different Ghee's 

1. We Adapt Reclamation (Cocoa)

2. We Adapt 2 (Vanilla) 

3. Ghee (pure) 

4. Oooo Ma (Umami Savory Blend) 

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