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About Sustainble G's

Sustainable G's is a community project founded by Mawe Apothecary.

This project is dedicated to strengthening and empowering communities to become more intimate with herbal plant medicine through educational hands-on workshops, creative gardening as well as building inclusive spaces and access to wellness support by providing free herbal clinics. We will work to introduce the community to the benefits of herbal plants by making cultural connections through the sharing of history, practices and generational legacies of working with herbs. We operate on the firm belief that wherever we are in the world we have everything we need to start. We will be a mobile project aimed to cultivate a mindset of wellness and promote an equitable outcome for communities we work with.  We will share and introduce ways to incorporate herbal remedies and build nourishing at-home apothecaries as well as teach and support how to build front porch and windowsill gardens of their own. We look to develop an each-one-teach one model building and cultivating collective community care.

How can you be apart ?

There are several ways for community to be engaged.  Volunteering, Be a Patron & Donate Supplies

Volunteering: We will have workshops, and clinics planned in 2020 and we need volunteers with or without experience if your intent is to build community we welcome you!

Patron/Sustainers:  Most of our offerings will be sliding scale to free to the community in order to continue this work having financial support and supply donations.

Donate Supplies: Contact us and we can provide current list of needed supplies 

Key Core Foundations of Sustainable Gangstas


 Establish building blocks for pathways to learning and understanding herbal plants


Focused on historically marginalized communities will provide continue exposure and support through mobile clinic and wellness services


Empowerment through communities to work with what they have where ever they are through hands on creative gardening.


Incorporate an each one teach one model training model building Sustainable Gangsta community, neighborhood ambasadors

Patron/Sustainer Members

By becoming a patron (sustainable G) you will supporting you will be aiding in community building and holistic lifestyle practices.  Each sustainer will receive quarterly updates on our progress via video/email updates. A seasonal post card and shout out in our first Sustainable Gangsta Zine (coming soon).  VIP & Premium will receive additional packages of  Mawe Apothecary specialties.

$ You choose monthly


$20 monthly


$120+ yearly


Vegetable Picking

Sustainable Gangstas: Community Collective Care & Outreach Program
Welcomes You

Health = Wealth

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