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Mawe means "Our Mothers" in parts of  East Africa & South Africa. The Mawe "way" is to celebrate the land, to honor the traditions, stories of those who came before us with great care for ourselves & one another.  Mawe -"Our Mothers Way" Apothecary aims in understanding the cultural, spiritual importance and uses of herbal plant medicine and provide high quality, hand crafted botanical products to all.  We offer consultation and custom herbal formulations as well as community accessible educational  & wellness workshops.  We believe in collecting and keeping record of traditions, stories of our community and ancestors. We honor indigenous ways and practical clinical knowledge and field medic skills.

We acknowledge "Our Mothers" and the act of M/othering and mothering ourselves is a conscious act. This is a liberatory practice and acknowledgement of the vast expansive expression of self.

"Mothering is an instinct, yes. But it also can be learned" - Alice Walker

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Observing Flowers
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The Mawe Apothecary Practice

As we continue to grow we aim to promote and expose communities to herbal plants through educational programming & services. Please check out our community project if interested in participating or becoming a patron/sustainer of our organization.

Seeds, Roots, Land

By reconnecting to land through holistic practices, social justice and food sovereignty enables the ability to rebuild  & restore vibrant pathways to wellness.
We are a micro batch community focused apothecary engaging the community by  creatively re-introducing herbal medicine practices through hands activities to forming their own practices with plants. We firmly believe holistic healing and plant medicine will be integral to grounding and rooting local communities in wellness. We also aim to be a teaching apothecary and welcome resource for local herbalist's and abroad.

Mawe Way

 Our Mission is to create a community based apothecary offering products and accessible services to empower and improve the quality of life as well as encourage healing and well-being of the communities we serve.

1. We are Southern/Mid-West based apothecary deeply committed to continuing to foster a movement  focused on community collective care through botanical medicine.

2. We aim to educate, collect, restore and share  stories & practices of herbal medicine honoring traditions and cultivating new ones.

3. We build upon inter-generational cultural connections through people and plants.

The Practice - Do the Work

Our practice strives to meet people where ever they may be on the journey to self-empowerment, healing and health. Our offering to the community is to provide high quality unique herbal products and wellness services to support them along the path. 
We are dedicated students to botanical medicine and ethnobotany. We maintain a sustainable practice through research and study to understand the constituents of plants and develop an intimate relationship with plants we use.
We believe it is vital in taking a holistic approach to herbalism by combining both traditional plant knowledge and clinical research to provide both effective and practical herbal formulations for everyone.

Mallow as a pleasure herb
Sunflower love
Health = Wealth
Mighty purple sweet potato
We come from the land
Beautiful Red flowers
Intergenerational legacies of land, farming and care
Herbal Remedies
Each meal is a blessing and should be honored
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