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Mushroom Digestif

Mushroom Digestif

This digestif is apart of our "A Divine Invitation Series" 


Follow your gut instincts: The gut is considered our second brain and believed to house our emotions and intuition. When we feel stagnant or stuck, we should look to acquire nourishment and flow back into our system. Try this umami, savory, mushroom forward digestif.  

Ingredients: Shiitake, Maitake, Chaga, Wood Betony, Dandelion Leaf, Cocoa, Chamomile, grain alcohol, distilled water



size: 1oz

A Divine Invitation: 

This line is focused on offering an invitation to step into personal alignment. You are a vessel of great wisdom and brilliance. Let this mushroom focus protocol support you on your journey. Our steps include: 1 Clear & Control the mind 2 Free the heart 3 Nourish the gut 4 Find pleasure in the rest.

Instructions:. Shake well before use, use 1-3 droppers per day for up to 6 weeks at a time. Mawe Apothecary tinctures blends are made with the intention to assist the body's natural healing abilities. With all products we recommend you do a test by taking ½ -¼ dosage for 1 week first and consult with a medical professional as needed. 

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