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Guardian of the Heart Elixir - *Roots of Protection Special*

Guardian of the Heart Elixir - *Roots of Protection Special*

Guardians of the Heart Elixir is our special product feature for this years Spiritual Herbalism Conference with the theme: "Roots of Protection".


This herbal elixir was created  to strengthen and protect the heart and allow for ease and flow.

Feel tenderly loved and protected by this formula.  Herbs selected help to protect the heart, nourish the body and bring sense of cool and calmnes.


Peach as one main ingredient to help soothe and cool our hearts and minds. 


**Organic peaches were used in this formula,  cultivated and raised by 2 generations of black women farmers and land stewards. 


Ingredients:  Crategus Spp, Peache Leaves, Peach, Motherwort, Honey, Linden  and other select herbs ingredients 


**Roots of Protection Special*

Spiritual Herbalism Conference starting Oct 8th will be virtual and in-person. If you buy a ticket to the conference you will recieve a coupon to purchase our selected products at discount. 

You can purchase tickets at:

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